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Structural acp glazing | Structural acp glazing in trichy

Elevation view assured the quality of our product, Structural acp glazing in trichy.

Structural acp glazing - Testing Methods:

Fire Resistance Test
Structural Stability Test
Peel of Test
Tensile Strength
Coating Test
Sound Transmission Test
Shear Test
Impact Resistance Test

Structural acp glazing - Protections :

 Aluminum frames will be protected with low tack surface protection tapes. 

 Glass will be protected by Opaque surface protection tape 

 Tapes will be removed while handing over without leaving any marks on A.C.P/glass

Structural acp glazing - Sequencing :

 Site Survey 

 Design Calculations & Shop drawings Submittals 

 Procurement action for Aluminum profiles, Glass, ACP 

 Progressive grid marking on the completed structure 

 Spider Glazing or Fittings. 

 Progressive frame work to the structure 

 Parallel processing of Glass for fixing 

 Glazing of Glass to the frame work 

 Installing the Glazed panels & ACP at site 

 Cleaning & Handing Over

Structural acp glazing - Quality Policy :

 Aluminum extrusion used in structural, Windows and Fixed Windows

 Glass for structural Glazing Windows & Fixed Glazing

Structural acp glazing - Silicon Sealant

 Anchorage System

 Hardware Fittings

Weather Striping & Protection.

Structural acp glazing - Guarantee :

The contractor shall furnish performance guarantee for unitized structural glazing system and composite panel work for a minimum period of 15 years from the date of completion of work.  The guarantee shall be in legal paper in an acceptable form.  The performance guarantee shall cover for replacement of any or all members and components involved in the above systems by the above systems by the contractor at his own cost in case if any deficiency or failure in performance of the Aluminum Works as per the design requirement during the guarantee period.  The contractor has to undertake responsibility for safety with respect to fall out of glass with or without member with which it is held in position during the guarantee period.

Elevation View, Trichy. We are specialized in Structural ACP Glazing in Trichy offered find extensive usage in commercial buildings and find increasing usage by the architects. These glazing are also designed to provide creative as well as eye-catching building facades and have emerged as popular choice in today's fast changing market scenario. The system comprising bonding glass to aluminum frame of curtain wall through high-strength silicone sealant designed and tested for structural glazing suitability.

Structural acp glazing - Features:

  • Structural ACP Glazing system aluminum member is not visible from outside
  • With groove running horizontally & vertically, the glass is held with support of structural sealant
  • Enhances thermal efficiency of buildings through reduction/elimination of exterior exposure of metal framing
  • Structural ACP Glazing Reducing elimination of water and air infiltration
  • Structural ACP Glazing Reducing possibility for thermal breakage of glass



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